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Capitol Region Education Council

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3000P Concepts and Roles in Business
3010P Goals and Objectives
3100PR Budget Planning and Development
3111P Fiscal Year
3172P Fiscal Responsibilities
3200PR Revenue - Contracts and Invoices
3250P Materials Service Fee
3260PR Sale Disposal of Assets
3292P Investment Policy
3295P Business Planning
3313P Access to Vendors
3314PR Travel
3320.1PR Leasing Equipment
3320PR Purchasing
3326.1PR Payroll
3410P Accounting Standards
3434P Independent Audit
3440PR Fixed Assets
3450P Monies inSchool Buildings
3451PR Petty Cash Funds (1)
3510P Operation Maintenance
3512P Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
3515PR Community Use of CREC Facilities
3516.11P Hazardous Materials
3516.1PR Health and Safety Protocols
3516.3P Accident Prevention
3516.4PR Small Appliance Policy and Procedure
3516PR Safety
3517PR Security
3518PR Cell Phones
3520.13PR Student Data Protection
3520.1PR Information Security Breach and Notification
3523.1P Acquisition of Tech
3524.1PR Pesticide Application 22013
3524.2P Green Cleaning Program
3524P Hazardous Materials
3541.22PR Transportation_of_Students
3541.313P Video Cameras on School Transportation
3541.35PR Bus Driver Safety
3541.44P Use of Privately Owned Vehicles
3541.4P Transportation Equipment
3541.5P Transportation Safety Complaints
3541.6PR CREC Vehicle Safety
3542.1P Food Service
3542.22P Food Services Code of Conduct
3542.31PR Free or Reduced Lunch
3542.43PR Charging Meals
3570PR Record Retention

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