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In a special education classroom, instruction is tailored to meet the unique student's needs based on their individualized education plan or (IEP). CREC's Special Education services can help teachers specify the modifications necessary to ensure their students meet their academic goals.


CREC's Student Services Division operates schools that specialize in various special needs for students.

Products Offered By CRECWe Offer

The Blueprint: Building Powerful Special Education Practices

The Blueprint is a training curriculum that provides a variety of products and services to help your organization maximize student educational benefits of their IEP. The program emphasizes aligning well- developed IEP goals and objectives to State Standards using specially designed instruction and collaboration to create individualized programs in the least restrictive environment.

Services Offered By CRECWe Offer

Advanced Alternate Route to Certification (AARC)

The Advanced Alternate Route to Certification (AARC) program allows certified teachers to earn a cross-endorsement in Comprehensive Special Education.

Assistive Technology Services

CREC's assistive technology team provides a variety of assistive technology (AT) services for students with disabilities. Our team includes seasoned experts in the field of AT including speech-language pathologists, assistive technology practitioners and literacy specialists with expertise in AT.

Community Based Group Homes

CREC River Street School manages two group homes located in nearby communities. The unique program meets the special needs of select students who require instruction in a residential setting, as well as in school, to achieve success. Residential programming is provided 365 days a year, and students are enrolled at CREC River Street School.

Homebound Instruction for Students with Low-Incidence Disabilities

This program is for homebound instruction in hospital or home settings within the CREC region for students, three to 22 years old, who have multiple disabilities and/or medical needs.

Inclusion Services

CREC education specialists are trained in the Stetson Step-by-Step inclusion model and in other best practices for inclusion. CREC can provide workshops and technical assistance in methods for identifying, planning for, and working effectively with children with special needs in general education, including, but not limited to, implementation of student individualized education programs.

Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)

CREC provides workshops and technical assistance in methods for identifying and planning for the implementation of student individualized education programs. Many professional development opportunities focus on understanding how to create IEP goals and objectives, present levels of academic achievement and functional performance, accommodations, modifications, and specialized instruction in the general education setting.

Instructional Methods for Exceptional Learners

CREC offers a variety of customized workshops to assist districts in developing and refining academic, social, and behavioral inclusion practices for Pre-K through grade 12 and transition classrooms.

Neurobehavioral Consultation Services

The Neurobehavioral Consultation Services program reviews current therapies and/or interventions and recommends appropriate behavioral and pharmacologic management for each child.

School System Therapies: OT/PT/SLP Services

School system occupational and physical therapy services are available on a contractual basis. Schools within the CREC region can contract for therapy services on a short-term or long-term basis. CREC provides educationally relevant evaluations, intervention, consultation, supervision, and training as needed. Therapy practitioners maintain competency in school system servicing.

Services for Special Learners

These services focus on methods for implementing IEPs through the development of specially designed instruction. Professional development strategies for the communication of IEP procedures to parents or guardians, and a variety of collaborative training options are available to facilitate professional and parent communication.

Speech and Language Services

CREC's Speech and Language Services and Speech Language Pathologist team offer autism diagnosis, social communication, speech-language consultation, executive-functioning skills, ecological evaluations, integration, fluency, staffing services, and program reviews.

Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) Learning Strategies

Learning Strategies are research-based, student-focused interventions that facilitate independent management of complex content of the Common Core through learning skills.

Student Consultation and Support

This service is for schools or districts that have a situation that requires further review and suggestions from an outside expert. CREC experts can conduct a risk assessment, assess programs and services, and observe the student and/or meet with the student(s), parents, and staff to ensure program success.

Supporting Students with Autism

CREC's education specialists provide training and technical assistance to select appropriate instructional or behavioral management strategies for students with autism. CREC provides support to allow students with autism to be in the least restrictive environment.

The COMPASS: Helping Paraeducators Navigate the Profession

Paraeducators are critical to providing the best, supportive educational environment for students. The COMPASS is a nationally recognized, comprehensive, job-embedded professional development curriculum aligned with national paraeducator standards.

Transition and Job Coaching

CREC offers a variety of school-to-career and school-to-post-secondary education services to support district transition efforts. Expert consultation is available for school program development, integrated community programming services, and for future planning and IEP planning for 18-21-year-old students.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for designing curricula and learning environments that allows all students to reach the same high goals by reducing barriers and providing rich supports for learning.

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