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Tuition Based Schools

CREC’s Student Services Division supports schools that are tuition based. These schools accept referrals from any public school. Families looking to seek placement into these CREC schools should speak directly with the child’s school team. CREC collaborates with public schools through the referral process to determine if such a placement is an appropriate educational program. CREC collaborates with the public school to develop, adopt, and implement a child’s IEP or 504 plan as part of the placement process.

John J. Allison Polaris Center

CREC's Polaris Center is a comprehensive therapeutic school offering quality educational and clinical programming for students kindergarten through high school graduation. Our classrooms offer specialized and unique instructional experiences designed to support the individual needs of the students. Polaris staff are trained in providing trauma informed care, emphasizing a safe environment focused on building relationships that provide the foundation for academic and social growth.

River Street Schools and Programs

RSS provides comprehensive academic and life skills curricula for students aged 3 - 22 who present with a variety of behavioral, communicative, and neurological disorders including autism spectrum disorders, seizure disorders, identified genetic syndromes such as Fragile X, metabolic disorders, and those students with dual diagnoses. The Transition Services Department provides additional skills development as appropriate and transitional training to students turning 22. Programming is designed to deliver successful learning experiences commensurate with each student's developmental and cognitive level. Our multi-disciplinary clinical staff supports programming through daily collaboration with instructional staff, family consultation, interagency coordination, and professional development training for other professionals.

Regionally Collaborative Based Schools

CREC’s Student Services Division collaborates with Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to develop and implement programs on a regional level. CREC facilitates the opportunity for districts to pull resources to support students. CREC manages and operates programs in direct partnership with the member LEAs. This business model provides both efficient and effect methods for service delivery.

Farmington Valley Diagnostic Center

CREC collaborates with twelve Farmington Valley school districts to provide an interim educational setting for students who are experiencing significant difficulties in their own school or transitioning from one educational setting to another. Students are provided with a fresh start in a new setting and the opportunity to better understand their own strengths while developing skills that will enable them to be more successful within their schools, families and communities. Farmington Valley member districts have priority for placements. Other districts can seek referrals for placement dependent on availability.

STRIVE (Southern Transition Real-World and Independent Vocational Education)

STRIVE is a community-based transition program for young adults with disabilities ages 18 to 22 years old. Young adults will spend most of their day developing independent living, social, and employment skills. Young adults will also participate in community-based work experiences based on their strengths, interests, and preferences. Each young adult's program will be individualized based on their unique needs and the decisions made at the Planning and Placement Team (PPT) meetings.

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