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CREC John J. Allison, Jr. Polaris Center
CREC John J. Allison, Jr. Polaris Center

The CREC John J. Allison Jr. Polaris Center serves students in grades kindergarten through grade 12 who struggle with emotional regulation in the school environment. Polaris provides a small, supportive community where the educational and clinical needs of students can be met. Using a trauma informed care approach to student behavior, we focus on the unique strengths and needs of each student.
Students are referred to Polaris by school districts through the planning and placement team process. Diagnostic placements are also available.

Educational Programs Offered

  • Highly-qualified, certified special education teachers in each classroom
  • A support staff member in each classroom (such as an associate instructor, paraprofessional or behavior intervention specialist)
  • Low student-to-staff ratio
  • Creative work environments that meet an individual student’s needs, such as student support center
  • Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
  • Visual arts, physical education, and health classes
  • Transition services that include work experiences, on-site job support and collaboration with the Connecticut Bureau of Rehabilitation Services and the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services
  • Application of classroom lessons to real-life experiences and regular participation in educational outings
  • Specialized clinical support services, including:
    • Individual and group counseling provided by a certified school social worker
    • An integrated family component that includes onsite, in-home, and community-based visits
    • Individual treatment plans that include functional behavior assessments and behavior intervention plans
  • Case management provided in collaboration with outside agencies and team members, such as the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, probation workers, mental health providers, the Connecticut Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services, and the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
  • Access to school-based health services, including referrals for additional mental health services provided by a local community-based Counseling Center.

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