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Who We Are

CREC’s Division of Student Services provides leadership in special education and facilitates positive student outcomes using research-based practices, compassionate therapeutic approaches, data driven behavioral consultations, and equitable, inclusive, cultures within our programs and services.

What We Do

CREC partners with local school districts to develop, adopt, and implement a wide variety of service delivery options by including:

  • specialized student support services personnel
  • family partnerships
  • student voice
  • and community-based resources to provide unique and individualized approaches to educational programming

CREC Health Services

The mission of the Capitol Region Educational Council’s Health Services Team is to promote, protect and enhance the health status of all students. School nurses assess and intervene to address actual and potential health concerns. We support the social, emotional and physical well-being of students to facilitate optimal learning. Nurses encourage a collaborative partnership of all school staff, parents and community members to achieve this mission.

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