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CREC recognizes that learning to teach is a developmental process that continues throughout a teacher's career. In their first years in the profession, early career teachers face the challenge of translating theory from teacher preparation programs into practice and developing effective classroom management skills while planning and delivering instruction to maximize student learning. Becoming a highly effective teacher requires a lifelong commitment to continuous professional learning. We offer training on how to be an effective leader and the state-mandated Teacher Education and Mentoring Program (TEAM).

Services Offered By CRECWe Offer

Leadership Services

The CREC Resource Group's experienced administrators can provide building and central office administrators with standards-based professional learning experiences as well as customized mentoring and coaching support.

Teacher Education and Mentoring program (TEAM)

The TEAM Program is a process of continuous professional growth designed around five professional growth modules. Depending on the beginning teacher's area of certification and teaching assignment, they are required to complete up to five modules which are focused on the following domains of the Common Core of Teaching (CCT)

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