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There are over 5 million English language learners in public schools today, making up 12 percent of the total school population. This number is projected to grow in the coming years, and as educators, we need to be prepared. CREC offers a variety of services that can help students master the English language

Services for Adult LearnersFor Adult Learners

English Language Acquisition for Adults

Adult ELL classes provide intermediate and advanced classroom instruction for participants seeking to develop English language skills in reading, writing, listening, and oral communication.

Services for Districts District Services

English Language Development Services

CREC offers dynamic professional development and instructional coaching in the area of English Language Development, Bilingual Education, Dual Language, Multicultural Education, and English Learner Advocacy.

Services for Special Learners

These services focus on methods for implementing IEPs through the development of specially designed instruction. Professional development strategies for the communication of IEP procedures to parents or guardians, and a variety of collaborative training options are available to facilitate professional and parent communication.

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