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The feelings and attitudes that are elicited by a school's environment are referred to as school climate. This includes the opinions of teachers, students, parents, and the community at large. A positive school climate can lead to better educational outcomes; however, creating a positive school climate isn't simple. CREC offers a variety of products services and initiatives that can help.

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Guiding Partnerships with Schools (GPS)

The GPS Self-Assessment is an opportunity for schools to get feedback from staff and families on the quality of family-school partnerships. Through responses to a short set of research-aligned questions on the practices, perceptions and beliefs among staff and families within a school, the GPS system will reveal where a school falls along a continuum of family-school partnership "types", ranging from non-collaborative and ineffective, to high-functioning, dual-capacity and sustainable.

Services Offered By CRECWe Offer

CT Welcoming Schools

The CT Welcoming Schools initiative aims to make parents feel more welcome, to celebrate the diversity of the school community, and set unique goals to improve how inviting the school appears to its community.

Increasing Educator Diversity

Increasing Educator Diversity is a collaboration between the CREC Resource Group and Connecticut school districts, who know it is integral to increase the numbers of African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, and Asian American teachers and administrators in the state's public schools. Expert Solutions services include, but are not limited to, assisting schools in attracting, recruiting, hiring, and retain a diverse teaching and administrative personnel that more closely represents the student population's diversity.

Mindfulness and Yoga

CREC offers mindfulness professional development for administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, PE teachers, school nurses, physical therapists and more. Workshops can be customized to meet specific district/school needs. Titles include Mindfulness Basics, Educator Self-Care, Social Emotional Learning through Yoga, Mindfulness, and Yoga 4 Classrooms.

School Culture and Climate

Hartford Region Open Choice provides low cost online or in-person professional development for School Culture and Climate, including Restorative Discipline, Bullying, De-Escalation, Understanding Trauma, Mental Health, First Aid, and Understanding PPT.

Supporting Positive School Climate

Is Your District Challenged with Meeting the Social, Emotional and Behavioral Needs of All Students? During the 2011-2012 school year, 3.45 million students were suspended out of school, students of color and students with disabilities were generally expelled at higher rates than their peers.

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