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Capitol Region Education Council

From the Executive Director

October 2018


Greg J. Florio, Ed.D.

This year as an agency we are focused on building and strengthening relationships. It is the strategic initiative that cuts across all divisions that make up CREC. From leadership to CRECies in each office, school, and program we are committed to building stronger relationships – relationships with our colleagues, our many partners and the students, families, adult learners, and school districts that we serve.

This sharp focus is important to living our mission and core values. To meet our social justice mission we must not only demonstrate a commitment to our core value of demanding equity, but also assure that each of us understands at the center of that mission are people. People who rely on the services of CREC and their personal relationship with us.

In a recent conversation with staff at the CREC University of Hartford Magnet School we discussed their designation as one of five National Blue Ribbon Schools in Connecticut. An honor received for their work on closing the achievement gap (Hooray!). There was acknowledgement of a lot of hard work and certainly a dedication to a shared vision – but, in the end, they said it came down to relationships. It was the depth of those relationships – knowing each student’s needs, collaboration with colleagues, and simply taking the approach that we will do “whatever it takes” for every child to be successful.

I am proud of the work that we do in the region. CREC impacts lives – because we value the relationships we share with everyone who relies on us for services.

Thank you.

CREC is a Regional Education Service Center. Service is part of that title and service is at the heart of what we do as an organization. I am always pleased to share CREC’s Mission, Vision and Core Values with all of our stakeholders. These few words drive us and guide our very important work.

CREC’s Mission

Equity, excellence, and success for all through high-quality educational services.

CREC’s Vision

To become our member districts’ primary resource to facilitate collaborative efforts that create equitable and sustainable educational opportunities, assist in maximizing district and regional resources, and advance successful educational practices for all learners at all ages.

CREC’s Core Values

Expect Excellence, Act with Courage, Demand Equity, Embrace Collaboration

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