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CREC's staffing specialists provide highly-qualified professionals for short and long-term assignments, including comprehensive student assessments. CREC provides payroll and timekeeping services, liability insurance, staff supervision, and administration and performance evaluations. We specialize in “hard to find” staff, thus saving organizations time and money in recruitment.

What We Do 

  • Deliver highly qualified, experienced educators 
  • Advertise, screen, and interview high caliber candidates 
  • Check references, verify credentials, and conduct background checks 
  • Ensure contract compliance 
  • Manage payroll, including paying taxes and all insurance expenses 
  • Supervise staff and monitor performance 
  • Free up administrators to focus on district critical issues 
  • Maintain a cadre of professionals who are ready to assist districts 
  • Provide flexibility—pay for only the time you need 
  • Reduce time to fill critical positions 
  • Save advertising expenses and recruitment time 

Positions We Can Fill  

  •  Behavior Specialists and Behavior Coaches 
  •  Interpreters/Sign Language 
  •  Paraprofessionals and Associate Instructors 
  • Registered Behavior Technicians 
  • School Psychologists 
  •  Special Education Teachers 
  • Speech and Language Pathologists and Assistants 
  • Transition Coordinators and Job Coaches 
  • Tutors 
  • Central Office and Building Administrators 
  • And many more!

Comprehensive Student Assessments 

  • Academic (Bilingual available) 
  •  ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) 
  •  Assistive Technology 
  • Augmentative/Alternative Communication 
  • Behavior/FBAS, BIPS 
  • Early Childhood Literacy 
  •  Psychological (Bilingual available) 
  • Speech Language (Bilingual available) 
  • Student Program Review 
  • Vocational/Transition 

Translation and Interpreter Services

Whether it's from English to another language or from another language to English, CREC understands the need for accurate translation. CREC has many interpreters to assist in a variety of meetings. CREC knows how powerful and important words are, in any language. Let CREC translators and interpreters help you.

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