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CREC Soundbridge is the leading service provider for auditory/oral and aural habilitation support in Connecticut. CREC Soundbridge offers specialized expertise (Teachers of the Deaf) and services (Audiology) for students with hearing loss using listening and spoken language as a communication modality.

Educational Audiology

Our Educational Audiologists, as related service providers, support students and school team members so students with hearing loss or auditory processing deficits can access and benefit from their learning and school activities.

Educational Audiology Services

  • Educational Audiology Evaluations
  • Auditory Processing Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Functional Listening Assessments
  • Acoustic Classroom Assessment
  • Evaluate, fit, and validate RM Hearing Assistive Technology
  • IEP/504 Attendance
  • Consultation/Indirect Services

Teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing


Our Teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing have a CT Board of Education endorsed certification for teaching students with hearing impairment. They specialize in aural habilitation/ rehabilitation therapy.

Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services

  • Screenings
  • Initial Evaluations & Re-evaluations
  • Direct Services
  • Indirect Services
  • IEP/504 Attendance

Device Support

Our Device Support Services are designed to support school personnel in understanding their daily and weekly responsibilities, reaching out to us for troubleshooting or problem solving around episodic situations, and together ensuring that hearing assistive technology devices are available and functioning properly for student use.

Device Support Services

  • Tech Support
  • Rentals
  • Periodic Check-ins
  • Device care kit
  • Annual Service: District Owned Devices
  • Storage & Inventory: District Owned Devices

Professional Development


We tailor professional development to support your district personnel in furthering their knowledge, skills, and abilities in supporting students with hearing loss and auditory processing deficits.

Professional Development Topics

  • Hearing Loss & Educational Impact
  • Central Auditory Processing Disorders
  • Cochlear Implants
  • RM Hearing Assistive Technology
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Transition to Adulthood
  • Social Emotional Impact of Hearing Loss

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