CREC: CT Teacher Residency Program given approval by State BOE for Middle School Math Program (News)
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CT Teacher Residency Program given approval by State BOE for Middle School Math Program

On Wednesday, March 6, 2024, The Connecticut State Board of Education officially granted approval to the Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) for a Mathematics certification through the groundbreaking Connecticut Teacher Residency Program (CT-TRP). This decision empowers CT-TRP to certify graduates in the critical certification area of Mathematics for grades 4-8. The approval is valid through October 31, 2026, with annual progress monitoring based on CREC’s Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) annual report data, in conjunction with the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) review committee's evaluations.This pioneering program is specifically designed to address the significant shortage of certified middle school mathematics teachers and teachers of color. By focusing on this crucial educational segment, TRP aims to cultivate a cadre of educators who are not only proficient in mathematics but also embody the diversity of the student populations they serve. The program prioritizes recruitment from existing non-certified staff within partner districts, offering them a pathway to certification that includes a full-time residency with competitive pay and benefits.

The CT-TRP Math program is set to begin implementation in the summer of 2024, with CREC eagerly anticipating the recruitment of its inaugural cohort. 

"The Connecticut Teacher Residency Program is excited to add middle school mathematics to our growing list of certification pathways. Research has shown that teacher residency models are an innovative approach to recruiting, preparing and retaining high-quality teachers,” said Ushawnda Mitchell, Managing Director of Residency for CT TRP, to highlight the program's significance. “With the support of the RESC Alliance, our partner districts, and grant funders, we continue to diversify Connecticut's teacher workforce. We currently have 102 (95% are people of color) TRP teachers from our first four cohorts currently serving as teachers of record in elementary classrooms across the state of Connecticut. This fall we will not only add more elementary teachers to this growing number but also special education teachers and next year math."

During their first academic year, candidates will engage in over 450 contact hours of coursework covering both the content and pedagogy of middle school mathematics. This includes intensive summer sessions and evening courses during the residency year, alongside additional professional development opportunities through school-based learning. This comprehensive approach ensures that upon meeting certification requirements, these educators are well-prepared to assume full-time positions as middle school mathematics teachers, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and insight to inspire and educate future generations.

"I am extremely excited with the expansion of TRP to include middle school math certification,” said Nicole Sanders, Assistant Chief Talent Officer for the Consolidated School District of New Britain (CSDNB), a partnering school district. “This is yet another opportunity to grow CSDNB educator pathway to diversify the workforce. CSDNB and TRP's continuous partnership and commitment to aspirant teachers challenges traditional methods for recruitment, hiring and selection and retention is in its infancy and we look forward to what future endeavors." 

For more information about the TRP-Math program and how this initiative represents a strategic response to the evolving needs of Connecticut's educational system, providing a viable solution to the twin challenges of teacher shortage and lack of diversity in the STEM fields, visit


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