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There are a variety of models of instruction, each designed to produce effective classroom learning. CREC's Instructional coaches provide research-based instructional strategies for teachers administrators and other instructional coaches.

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Early Childhood Education

A variety of services aimed at improving early childhood education for students in preschool through Grade 3, including facilitation, audits, and best practices.

Effective Instructional Strategies

The CREC Resource Group can provide in-person and virtual coaching on research-based instructional strategies that have proven most effective at promoting student growth. Content-area and grade-level education specialists offer on site and virtual professional development experiences, data team and professional learning community facilitation, support with unit and lesson planning, and transformational coaching services.

Instructional Coaching

Participants of Instructional Coaching workshops will learn the most current thinking on instructional coaching and the roles coaches play to build teacher capacity, connect with school leadership, and work with adults.

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