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The Blueprint is a training curriculum that provides a variety of products and services to help your organization maximize student educational benefits of their IEP. The program emphasizes aligning well- developed IEP goals and objectives to State Standards using specially designed instruction and collaboration to create individualized programs in the least restrictive environment.

The Blueprint can increase the achievement and success of students with disabilities by:

  • Incorporating the State Standards into student IEPs
  • Providing specialized instruction
  • Delivering better instruction using progress monitoring
  • Using research-based practices to enhance the general education learning environment for students

The CREC Resource Group provides a variety of services and products to help maximize student educational benefits. These services include training in the educational benefit of the IEP, specially designed instruction, inclusion and collaboration, and transition planning.

Supporting educators with quality professional development have never been easier or more flexible. If you are looking to support a single person or your entire staff, CREC has the expert solution.

CREC offers several customizable delivery options for training in the Blueprint with:

On-Site Workshops

A certified CREC Blueprint trainer will come to your school or district and present any of the Blueprint Modules

Blueprint Trainer Certification Program

Build capacity within your organization to train staff using the nationally recognized Blueprint curriculum


Special education and related services personnel can receive coaching, mentoring, modeling, and retraining from CREC experts

Customized Modules

Let CREC work with you to customize a module that can address your district's unique training needs

Upcoming Module Series

Building Powerful Instruction

  • Module 1: Improving Instructional Methods for Students with Disabilities
  • Module 2: Defining and Creating Specially Designed Instruction
  • Module 3: Using Universal Design for Learning
  • Module 4: Supporting Social and Emotional Learning
  • Module 5: Differentiating Between Language Difference and Disability: An Examination of L1 and L2 Data and Principles
  • Module 6: Using Authentic Identification of a Disability in English Learners
  • Module 7: Crafting Appropriate Instruction for English Learners from an IEP

The Blueprint: Building Powerful Inclusion and Collaboration

  • Module 1: Understanding Disabilities
  • Module 2: Collaboration with Parents
  • Module 3: Facilitating Successful IEP meetings
  • Module 4: Developing Effective Models for Inclusive/LRE Practices to Support Students with Significant Disabilities
  • Module 5: Instituting Co-Teaching Practice

Building Powerful Transition Plans

  • Module 1: Creating IEP Transition Plans
  • Module 2: Conducting Assessment and IEP Transition Plans

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