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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is the fastest-growing pervasive developmental disability in the United States. Emerging in early childhood, ASD encompasses many symptoms, deficits, and degrees of severity. CREC offers a variety of services and solutions for students, parents, and teachers that can help autistic students reach their full potential


River Street Schools and Programs

River Street Schools and Programs strives to improve the quality of life for children who are neurodivergent by providing, in a caring environment, opportunities to develop the skills to be more productive, independent, and engaged members of the larger society. River Street School (Windsor) and River Streep Autism Program (Bloomfield), as well as the Early Learning Center, provides comprehensive academic and life skills curricula for students aged 3 - 22 who present with a variety of behavioral, communicative, and neurological disorders including autism spectrum disorder.

Services Offered By CRECWe Offer

Speech and Language Services

CREC's Speech and Language Services and Speech Language Pathologist team offer autism diagnosis, social communication, speech-language consultation, executive-functioning skills, ecological evaluations, integration, fluency, staffing services, and program reviews.

Supporting Students with Autism

CREC's education specialists provide training and technical assistance to select appropriate instructional or behavioral management strategies for students with autism. CREC provides support to allow students with autism to be in the least restrictive environment.

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