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Hundreds of CREC Public Safety Academy Students Give Back During Public Safety and Community Service Day

(Enfield, CT) On Wednesday, May 24, 2017, hundreds of CREC Public Safety Academy students participated in Public Safety and Community Service Day, a school-wide effort to have students learn more about careers in different public safety fields and involve them in giving back to their communities. Like previous years, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and first responders from surrounding towns set up equipment and vehicles at the school for students to learn more about the different public service professions. However, only ninth-grade students participated in the Public Safety portion of the event. This year, CREC Public Safety Academy added Community Service to the event. More than 300 students in grades 7, 8, 10, and 11 volunteered in several community service projects across Greater Hartford. This is the first year that CREC Public Safety Academy hosts a large-scale community service effort.

“This is about teaching our students how to be stronger leaders, better people, and to show them the value of giving back in their communities,” said Principal Jeff Larson. “This event will allow PSA students to embrace the concept of public service by actively participating in various projects designed to give back to veterans, the elderly and disabled, children, and the community at-large.”

CREC Public Safety Academy students participated in the following activities on Public Safety and Community Service Day:

Grade 7 – 66 participated in a cleanup along the Connecticut River by Adriaen’s Landing in Hartford

Grade 8 – 62 students provided public safety and reading lessons to students at either CREC International Magnet School or CREC Museum Academy

Grade 9 – 101 students participated in the Amazing Race and Skills Challenge at CREC Public Safety Academy

Grade 10 - 74 students participated in off-site community services activities: Veterans Home and Hospital (Rocky Hill); State Veterans’ Cemetery Cleanup (Rocky Hill); Cleanup of Veterans Cemetery (Windsor); Enfield Adult Day Center

Grade 11 – 71 student participated in: Recreation with Patients at Blair Manor (Enfield); Recreation with Patients at Parkway Pavilion Health and Rehab Center (Enfield); American Legion presentation (Enfield)

Grade 12 – 71 students chose from the following: Staffing of Amazing Race and Skills Challenge - 25 Seniors as Team Captains, 10 Seniors to Staff Event (35); Student co-chaperones at IMS – (15) NHS; Student co-chaperones at Museum - (15); Student co-chaperones to Adriaen’s Landing - (13)

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