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Dyslexia Services

About Understanding Dyslexia

On January 1, 2015, The Connecticut State Department of Education added “SLD-Dyslexia” under “Specific Learning Disabilities” in the “Primary Disability” section of the individualized education program form. “Understanding Dyslexia” is a series of four webinars designed to provide information to practitioners on a growing topic in the area of reading development for students with disabilities. The sessions will develop and explore key understandings regarding the identification and treatment protocols for servicing students with dyslexia. Presented by CREC Education Specialist Lisa Fiano, M.A. C.A.G.S., the webinars are available as a series to districts, groups, or individual customers and are beneficial to all educational professionals, administrators, and related service personnel.

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Webinar Topics

What is Dyslexia?

This webinar provides participants with a working definition of dyslexia based on current research. The characteristics of a learner who might be defined as dyslexic are described and how reading develops in the brain is discussed. Participants will:

  • Understand dyslexia as it is defined by the Connecticut State Department of Education
  • Describe the effects of dyslexia on the learner over time

Educational Determination of Dyslexia

This webinar aids professionals by describing how to construct a comprehensive educational evaluation to determine if a student qualifies for special education services under the category of dyslexia. The session also provides information on how to use data to make programmatic recommendations. Participants will:

  • Define the elements of a comprehensive evaluation
  • Name several measures that are appropriate for identification of students with dyslexia

Evidence-based Instruction and Assistive Technology Options for Students with Dyslexia

This webinar describes the elements of evidence-based instruction for students with dyslexia. Examples of available instructional programs will be shared, and there will be demonstrations of several low-tech and high-tech instructional tools. Participants will:

  • Name the elements of evidence-based instruction for students with dyslexia
  • Explore low-tech and high-tech tools that can be used in the classroom

Addressing Barriers in Curriculum for Students with Dyslexia

This webinar looks at barriers in curriculum for students with dyslexia through a Universal Design for Learning lens. The Universal Design for Learning guidelines and checkpoints are used as a reference to ensure that students with dyslexia can access instruction and reach high academic goals. Participants will:

  • Use the Universal Design for Learning lens guidelines to identify common curriculum barriers
  • Identify solutions to address curriculum barriers

About Webinar Presenter Lisa Fiano, M.A. C.A.G.S.

Lisa Fiano is an education specialist on the Special Services Support Team in the Technical Assistance and Brokering Services division at the Capitol Region Education Council. She is a certified special educator with her sixth-year in Reading and Language Arts. She has over 25 years of experience in public and private education. Lisa has provided support to districts all over Connecticut and in New York state. She provides job embedded technical assistance, professional development and comprehension evaluations in assistive technology, literacy, inclusion, educational benefit and universal design for learning. She has presented locally and nationally on topics related to Inclusion, Universal Design for Learning, Educational Benefit, and Reading Instruction. Lisa has created and implemented instructional plans for student with dyslexia for over 18 years.

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