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Physical/Psychological Management Training (PMT)

About Physical/Psychological Management Training (PMT)

This intensive training program covers a wide range of interventions that will assist staff in managing the aggressive actions of students. Physical Psychological Management Training looks at a crisis episode through four stages and helps to increase staff's understanding about their responses to the crisis, the interventions options available to them, and the management of their individual fear during a crisis situation.

Included in this training are prevention and planning strategies; communication techniques of re-direction, verbal cues, and DE-escalation strategies; the quick-action teamwork necessary to maintain a safe environment and the post-event debriefing that allows for all staff to learn from the situation. Also included are the more restrictive techniques involved in escorts, seclusion, and physical restraint.

Note: Time requirement is needed if a certification is required. (8 hour training)
Initial Training Classes: 8 hours
Annual Refresher Classes: 3 hours

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