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About PBandMath

PBandMath, the first release by CREC's Studio 111, is a Common Core aligned math word problem generator. The Common Core standards introduced greater complexity in math word problems than those taught in years past. Although elementary teachers receive professional development on how to teach these new problem types, it is still a new area for many teachers. Due to a lack of sample word problems to pull from, teachers are forced to spend the time creating their own bank of practice problems to use with their students.

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PBandMath provides an easy to use generator to create math word problems for classroom practice. Through our web app, teachers are able to generate hundreds of word problems aligned to the Common Cores. Teachers can build a bank of problems in minutes to create on the fly practice in the classroom. Teachers also have the ability to plan ahead by saving their bank of problems and loading them instantly during instruction time. Word problems created in PBandMath can be printed as both PDF and Microsoft Word documents for small group or individual practice. Through our Projection Mode, teachers can display word problems on an interactive whiteboard or projector for whole class instruction.

The core features of PBandMath are free to use, including generating 100's of word problems, projecting on an interactive whiteboard or projector, and printing as a PDF document. For just $3.50/month, premium users can unlock the ability to save their bank of problems and can print as a Microsoft Word document.

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