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Montessori Training Center Northeast

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Masters of Education Degree (M.Ed.) Program at the University of Hartford

Program information at University of Hartford's Website

Students enrolled in MTCNE courses will also have the opportunity to complete a Masters of Education Degree (M Ed) with a concentration in Montessori from the University of Hartford. The Montessori training accounts for 15 to 18 of the required credits needed for this degree. Credits through the MTCNE Training are offered at a greatly reduced rate of $100 per credit. All other credits are paid for at the regular graduate credit rate for University of Hartford.

Additionally, students can obtain a special Connecticut State Teaching Certificate by completing some additional requirements. This certificate would allow the candidate to teach in any CT Public Montessori Schools and could be transferable to other state certificates. The requirements for this Unique Endorsement #110 leading to the Connecticut State Certification are outlined here.

Students not enrolled at MTCNE but have acquired their AMI diploma from other training centers are eligible to apply to the University of Hartford Masters of Education with a Montessori Concentration program. An individual may begin the M.Ed program within 5 year of completing AMI training or if training occurred more than 5 years ago then the applicant must provide documentation of active practice for at least one full school year in a Montessori setting. The active practice must have occurred within the last 10 years.
Active practice includes full time: a) classroom teaching, b) classroom assistant, c) school administration, and/or d) other experience upon consideration. MTCNE completes the verification of a valid AMI Diploma and relevant employment.

For more information regarding the University of Hartford Masters of Education with a Montessori Concentration, contact Paige Bray at (860) 768-4553 or

University of Hartford requires an AMI diploma be translated by MTCNE to reflect graduate credits.

AMI Coursework Translation Form

Program Fees

AMI Course Enrollment: $100 to MTCNE (if applying while Verification in an AMI course)
($100 later applied to AMI course translation)

AMI Course-by-Course: $350 to MTCNE (upon receipt of Translation AMI diploma)

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