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Interdistrict Anytown

About Interdistrict Anytown

Sponsored by the National Conference for Community and Justice, Interdistrict ANYTOWN is a leadership development institute for high school students, it helps them understand and appreciate the rich diversity in our communities, identify issues of bias and intolerance, and develop leadership skills that will enable them to create positive change in their home schools and communities.

ANYTOWN is designed to educate, liberate, and empower youth participants to become effective, responsible leaders and community builders. The program curriculum promotes students' intensive engagement with each other and with issues of bias, prejudice, and social change, including not only issues of race, ethnicity, and class, but also gender differences, disability, age, and physical appearance.

It is the goal of ANYTOWN to equip youth with the knowledge and skills to transform their environment into places where individual differences are embraced as positive tools that bring people together instead of keeping them apart. Since the program's inception, ANYTOWN has empowered thousands of youth across the United States to create inclusive, just, and prejudice-free schools and communities.

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