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Catalyst Planner

About Catalyst Planner

Catalyst Planner, the second release by CREC's Studio 111, is a Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core aligned curriculum planner, designed to create 3D STEM instructional units driven by real-world phenomena.

In addition to other sets of standards that teachers have to understand and implement, science teachers have to also work with the NGSS. This adds another layer of complexity to developing curriculum. Catalyst Planner helps curriculum writes navigate the new standards and develop NGSS aligned curriculum, all within a single web platform.

Start using Catalyst Planner for FREE!

Catalyst Planner allows users to reference the NGSS and linked Common Core Standards while planning, quickly and easily drag-and-drop NGSS elements into learning sequences, and share and manage created curriculum with colleagues. Available to individual teachers, schools, or entire districts, start your free trial with Catalyst Planner today!

Mobile Companion App

The Catalyst Planner Companion app allows you to quickly reference the Next Generation Science Standards. This app provides all of the NGSS standards, tables of the Science and Engineering Practices and Crosscutting Concepts, as well as bundles of standards.

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